Our Mission

Loving Our Neighbors

The mission of The Neighborhood Center is to generously love our neighbors as ourselves with abundant service and hope today and every day.
With 101 years of service to the community, our hope and vision for the next century of The Neighborhood Center is to create a “community living room.”
We envision a “community living room” as a welcoming place where:

  • Children and teens rush after school with their friends to study.
  • Adults and families gather to access community resources, find help getting jobs, and talk with other parents.
  • Diversity is valued, and a community kitchen, store, and pantry become cultural bridges where individuals and families gather.
  • Preschoolers begin to learn about themselves and others through games, play, art and songs, while teachers lead them on a journey toward literacy and school success.
  • Families and individuals have the opportunity to develop and explore their faith in a community center known for a pluralistic approach to faith formation that is engaging and tolerant.
  • The center serves as a hub for uplifting the local community, enhancing the neighborhood, and promoting the health, safety and economic stability of the local community.
  • People are connected with housing options, where there is a culture of loving preservation of well-maintained, diverse housing stock and options for purchase or rent.
  • Community members visit the center to take part in a well-developed social infrastructure that includes neighborhood watches, civic associations, cooking and gardening groups, walking groups, sports teams, and the like, that contribute to a sense of connectivity, identity and ownership.


Our Beginnings and Foundation

Begun in 1913, The Neighborhood Center, Inc., located in Camden, NJ, is an urban outreach mission of the United Methodist Women’s Division and part of the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church.